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10 Things To Keep In Mind When Wedding Planning

Weddings are magical and joyful, from the myriad of events that take place before and after the wedding to the beginning of your new life, it’s an exciting time! In the hustle and bustle of planning, however, we usually forget the tiny details that make it a special affair. As winter wedding season approaches, here are 10 things to keep in mind when wedding planning.  

Maintain a Checklist

Wedding Checklist
Tick off your check list!

 You could have an eidetic memory but wedding stress will get to you. Remember to maintain a checklist of all your wedding needs at all times, keep it updated and try to think of the smallest detail. Surf the web, look at wedding magazines and keep up with trends.


Hire a Wedding Planner


hiring a wedding planner
Hiring a planner on D-day keeps the stress away!

There’s so much to do at a wedding, it’s only natural to delegate certain tasks to other people, but if you want a stress-free wedding hiring a wedding planner is the way to go. Not only do they come with years of experience but also help you visualise your ideas, no matter how vague they might be.


Venue details

Wedding Venue
Magical Decor!

Your wedding venue is the most important detail of your wedding. Just picking out an attractive venue does not exempt you from the responsibility of making sure the venue is up to mark. You only get one wedding, so you have to make it count. Check reviews on the internet beforehand, remember to check the capacity of the venue, if they have parking, electricity backups, and re-check your booking every few months to make sure it’s up to date.


Your Marriage License

 marriage certificate
Sign the papers on time!

Marriages are made in heaven but preserved by law on Earth! Though we don’t give it much attention, if you want to legalise your marriage a wedding license is absolutely needed according to the Supreme Court of India. So don’t forget to visit court before your wedding.


Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe right!
Keep your wardrobe ready!

 It is important to make sure if you’re the bride that your clothes, jewellery and footwear are packed and ready to be shipped to your new home, but also important is what you’re going to wear on the day of your wedding. Wedding jewellery and dress are carefully planned and selected, your undergarments are sometimes neglected. Even if you’re not going to do the ‘deed’ on the night of, wedding fashion extends underneath, and if not sexy then you might as well be comfortable. For grooms, be sure to decide beforehand what kind of look you want, western or ethnic, and co-ordinate all your accessories such as cuff links, tie pins, watch, chains and so on.


Accessorize for Bad Weather

Bad Weather Accessories
Be ready for a bad weather!

 If December showers are common around your venue maybe keeping some umbrellas handy is a good idea. Line your clothing with crepe or satin to make sure the cold weather doesn’t get to you. Maybe add a designer jacket, made just for you, to spice up your wedding wardrobe and keep you warm. Most importantly, remember to have a bad weather back up plan with your planner.


Don’t forget to try the Delectable Food!

keep you appetite right!

What kind of wedding is it, if you don’t get to taste your own carefully selected wedding treats. More often than not, busy brides and grooms forget to partake in dinner and have to do with leftovers at home. Remember to eat at your wedding and also before your wedding, lengthy rituals might not give you the time later. Have some finger food handy while getting ready, nothing that can create a mess, like chutney or jam, just some snacks like chips or fruits.


Remember the Wedding favours

Wedding Favours
The Favours are must!

 It’s important to give your lovely guests something in return for their blessings on your special day. Nothing too opulent between minimalism and extravagance, such as, an arrangement of Swiss chocolates, or mini wine baskets if there are no teetotallers among your wedding guests. This not only help’s return the favour but also shows regard for your guests.



Wedding Transport
Transporting !

Knowing how to get home is easy, knowing how to get all your gifts and guests home takes planning. One must not only plan transportation for all the mamas, mamis, phuphas and buas staying over, but also for all the gifts they and the other guests bestow upon you. Often we underestimate how much space will be needed to bring everything home. Be realistic, and don’t cramp the tiny car of your favourite bua or mama with wedding gifts.


Keep a Souvenir

Wedding Souvenir!

Your wedding is the beginning of a new life. Why not commemorate the day by preserving your flowers or wedding card in resin, or making a scrapbook of other wedding memorabilia, or doing something unique like writing letters to each other to open on your wedding anniversary.


An exhausted smile is a dreary smile. Get enough sleep and rest the night before your wedding, and don’t stress on the day of. Start early and take your time getting ready, relax, laugh, have fun, it’s your wedding, the beginning of your new life! Getting married is a big step, which is why it’s called ‘taking the plunge’. At the end of the day, your wedding exists to celebrate your love and commitment so just have fun and take deep breaths. Don’t sweat the small stuff, ultimately everything comes together at the end of the day.


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